Company Profile

Ligtermoet & Partners bv (short: L&P) is a medium sized consultancy firm on traffic and transport planning and road design. It was established in 1993 in Gouda - the Netherlands. L&P now moved to Rotterdam and has two side offices in Leuven-BE (under the name of Timenco bvba) and in Zwolle-NL (BVA Verkeersadviezen). L&P's business activities include consultancy work on transport planning & research (with emphasis on cycling, traffic safety and public transport), infrastructure project development & management, infrastructure design, traffic modelling & environmental impact assessment and traffic surveys. This spectrum offers full service opportunities for clients in policy planning, project development and implementation. Clients come from all levels of public administration, being municipalities, regional authorities, provinces as well as national road administration and ministry of transport. We have been involved in many transnational European projects disseminating knowledge on best practice in cycling and public transport. Click on the links below for some examples.

The Netherlands is the world's leading country in bicycle use and in cycling policy. In the 1990's we have been involved in the successful Dutch National Cycling Master Plan. Ever since, Ligtermoet & Partners has been a leading consultancy firm in cycling policy in all its various aspects. We have done planning and designing work on cycling for many cities in the Netherlands and Belgium, including the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Antwerp (BE) and Brussels (BE). We have set up the Dutch National Design Guidelines Cycling Infrastructure 2006 ("Ontwerpwijzer Fietsverkeer"). L&P can make this comprehensive expertise available to the foreign cities as well. We have substantial consulting experience in setting up cycling strategies in foreign countries with no or hardly any experience in everyday cycling: Prague (CZ), Venice (IT), Grenoble (FR), Tczew (PO) and several cities in the Wallon region (BE) among others. For the European Presto-projects we have analysed cycling guidelines in many European countries and presented essential lessons for improving cycling conditions. We have been leading partner in the European QUEST-project consulting 50 medium sized cities in 11 countries on Sustainable Mobility, in which most cities are now setting up new cycling strategies.

International Projects

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